The Hunt for Endobar Filch

The Secret Chamber

Finally the hobgoblin guards were slain and their pet deathjump spider driven away up the stairs. As the group spread out to search the room, Eddewyn marched into the room with spider gore on her blade. “Lucky I was ready eh?” She said, cleaning Aecris on a dead hobgodlin’s red shirt. Then she noticed Crystal quivering on the floor – the spider’s poison was still at work, but she was saved – just – by Solana’s timely intervention. Will the saving of her life do anything to mend the rift between them?

After finding a few coins around the room, Drusilia decided to tell the others that she’d noticed a secret door near the top of the stairs and suggested they all take a look. They left Lia to mind Crystal as she recovered and went up to find a secret room within a secret room, guarded by the mouldering undead bodies of four of the keep’s previous wardens, distinguishable by the faint dragon heads on their rotting tabards. Solana was grabbed and almost battered unconscious by them before she managed to grasp her golden lioness head symbol, and just in time repel them with the holy radience of her goddess. A brief scuffle then finished the undead, and a search of the room suddenly brought forth a disembodied voice from a plaque on the wall, which asked a riddle of the suprised explorers! After much debate Solana answered with “Fame”, and they were rewarded with a gleaming suit of Black Iron scale armour. And so a better protected Eddewyn prepares to march deeper into the dungeon…



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