Drusilia Amakiir

Immature Elven Wizard


Drusilia is a child prodigy, taught elvish magic by her grandfather she is already a competent mage at the tender age of 43. She is prone to whimsy and often uses her magic to entertain, or to get at someone who has irritated her. Equally loyal and cowardly, she has a knack for finding adventure and then wishing she hadn’t.
She looks mosley like her picture, except that she caries a wand not a staff and you can’t see her back, but her plait goes down to her bum and at the end of her plait there is a mettal ring with a bunch of keys hanging of it

(1) To her cart (people might not know that Drusilia drags behind her a cart that carries her books and her general belongings).
(2) The key to her old house.
(3) The key to her special spell book that belonged to her grandfather.
(4) And a key that is mysterious.


Druslia’s parents were killed in a mysterious fire of witch only she knows the origin of. She now makes her own way in the world, living by her wits, magic, and a knack for befriending important people. she and her parents used to live on an island witch they owned, they acquired by doing the elf folk a grate favor,by saving there tree town from a fire, the elves were so grateful that they presented drusiliar’s parents with this island where she grew up.

Drusilia Amakiir

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