Endobar Filch

Human Scoundrel


Endobar is average height, average build, and average looking, but those who know him call him Filch, because he is quite famous for taking things he really shouldn’t…

Not a master burglar but a trickster, who will gain your trust then disappear, at the same time as something of great value.


Endobar first crossed paths with Eddewyn, Raghour and Drusilia several weeks ago, joining them on a mission to recover Lord Vandred of Montalya‘s ancestral sword from a tribe of lizardfolk who’d taken it in a raid. After a successful mission, Endobar just vanished… Along with Eddewyn and Raghour’s reward money. Unfortunately for Endobar, these victims were resourceful and determined, and seem to have caught up with him…

Endobar Filch

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