Lord Ernest Padraig

Lord of Winterhaven


The young-looking Lord of Winterhaven, Lord Padraig is confident and assertive, but keeps to himself for the most part, although he is known to frequent Wrafton’s Inn.


The Padraig family have ruled Winterhaven for many generations, and so far, Lord Ernest Padraig has proven no worse a ruler than his predecessors. His rule is not absolute however, and he has been unable to raise a large enough militia from the villagers to deal with the growing threat from the kobolds. How he handles this, and the dark happenings in Shadowfell Keep, could make or break his reputaion with his subjects.

He leads the Winterhaven Regulars (local guards), and lives with his wife, four sons and five servants in the stone manor house at the very top of the hill.

Lord Ernest Padraig

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