Solana is a 24 year old woman of stocky build not very curvy, black hair, blue eyes that probably gives you a idea of what she looks like.


she grew up in a small village but hung out with boys more than girls, when she got to an age were she was told to do house worky stuff and stop hanging out with boys she got annoyed that they didnt have to give up playing and learn stuff (sewing, cooking, cleaning ect.) so she rebelled and people thought she was a bit mad! she went of to train and get good at fighting, so that she could show the village women can do fun adventurous things too. she had to do this in secret other wise she would get stopped.
solana’s whole village beilieved in the goddess of the sun, she found that using her religion gave her extra strenght.

when solana heard about this quest for the bad guy she picked up the oppertunity straight away as she had gotten borred of training for what seemed like nothing!


The Hunt for Endobar Filch NHenry