The Eight

The Eight are a cabal of Archmages who between them rule most of Dendrasia’s human territories.

The original Bright Eight were the powerful wizards who freed Dendrasia from the clutches of Deep Ulguru and subsequently assumed stewardship of the isles. Now, many generations later, Their Staffs of Office have all been passed on to or taken by eight new Archmages:

Lord High Abjurer bears the Staff of Aegis
Lord High Conjuror bears the Staff of Summons
Lord High Diviner wields the Staff of Truth
Lord High Enchanter wields the Staff of Minds
Lord High Evoker holds the Staff of Energy
Lord High Illusionist holds the Staff of Lies
Lord High Necromancer handles the Staff of Life
Lord High Transmuter handles the Staff of Change

Though allied against the reptilians of the mainland, The Bright Eight have greatly differing values and have clashed many times in the past and likely will again before long, particularly over the issue of piracy.

The Eight

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