The Gods

Where the living is hard the people of Dendrasia look to their gods for salvation, while on more the prosperous islands like Andriss people are more inclined to put their faith in something tangible like their lords and Archmages, and there are plenty who believe the gods are dead and gone, or at least that they are not as powerful as their priests make out. Some even believe that the gods don’t exist, that the priests are actually another kind of mage who deceive people with their temples and prayers to gain more influence over them.

There are nine major gods of Dendrasia, acknowledged but not neccesarily worshipped throughout the Dendra Sea. There are other, local gods such as Bahamut the Platinum Dragon, thought by most to be either false gods or powerful spirits at best, but they have their followers and the odd temple here and there. It is said that the dwarves, the elves, and the scaly men of the mainland have their own gods, real or false none can say, and that the goblins and monsters of Dendrasia pay homage instead to foul Demon Lords that call for human sacrifice.

A few people, most notably those clerics granted magical power by their deity, worship one god above all others, but most believers worship them all more or less evenly, and give prayer or thanks to whichever one is most appropriate at the time. Of course, a sailor will likely choose Zeboim as their patron deity, a smith Mithras, and a soldier Hextor, but unlike a cleric they will all still pray to Erishkigal if their grandmother catches the blue death.

Listed below are the nine major gods, whose followers generally insist that they are the only true gods, although many people do believe in other, minor deities. They are thought to live together in another world distinct from but connected to this one, from which they affect human affairs through the powers of their clerics and miracles related to their particular spheres of influence. They sometimes work together, but each has a distinct agenda and their followers certainly clash all too frequently. They are:

Hextor – The Scourge
God of war, domination, glory and retribution.

Erishkigal – The Dead Queen
Goddess of destruction, pestilence and death.

Karrash – The Beast
God of passion, anger, strength and animals.

Thoth – Judge of Gods
God of the moon, fate, knowledge and reason.

Odad-Hai – The All-Father
God of creation, nature and time.

Olidammara – The Laughing Rogue
God of hedonism and mayhem.

Mithras – The Craftsman
God of invention, industry and loyalty.

Sekhmet – The Lioness
Goddess of the sun, sky, protection and battle.

Zeboim – The Seamother
Goddess of waters, healing and birth.

The Gods

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